About Cambridge Sporting Foundation

About Cambridge Sporting Foundation

Back in 2007 there was a  natural disaster in Bangladesh by cyclone sidr and in England a football organisation call bfa decided to organise a charity tournament to raise money for the cause because cyclone sidr left behind huge damages. 

Hiron Rahman heard of the tournament on t.v advert and likened the idea of contributing to a good cause. 
Hiron approached his good friend and footballing friend Ana Miah, they both set up a team before in 1993 called shunar bangla f.c. 

There intentions was  something for bengali community's youth. 
As there was no Sporting activities within the community nothing for them this will keep them in Sports and hopefully they will make new friends 
These youths and youngsters needed  Sporting activities but club was open to all ethnicities. 

During there first discussion Hiron and Ana drew up a plan to setup a team also they wrote list of people they would invite to participate to form a committee some accepted and others declined .
Here list of some early members of the club ;

  • Hiron Rahman. 
  • Ana Miah. 
  • Roshid Ali.
  • Iftar Hussain 
  • Salik Ali.
  • Nefur Miah. 
  • Shamsuuddin Ahmad 
  • Abdul Mukid 
  • Nofe Miah. 
  • Shueb Miah. 
  • Numan Khan
  • Md. Shuheb Ahmed.

After the committee was established they wrote a list of players from bengali community to join them .
Club appointed Mostafa Hussain as the first manager of the club in 2007.

In 2009 club was also entered into Cambridgeshire f.a league due to commitment of some members club dropped out of the league same year. 

Club entered the charity tournament but fail to make to final however club reached semi final of the tournament .
Club continued after the tournament for few more years before started to decline.

Rules, Policies and Forms

  1. Safeguarding policy 
  2. Organisation ethics and codes. 
  3. Players registration form
  4. Organisation application form
  5. Competition and tournaments Rules and Regulations