Cambridge Sporting Foundation (CSF) is a charity organisation providing Sporting benefits to under represented minority community.


The aim is to engage children into sports from an early age and support the talented players to move to academies of professional clubs.


CSFUK has developed a one day workshop designed to help organisations improve their understanding of the UK’s growing minority ethnic communities

Cultural Diversity Important

The minority ethnic population as a whole is increasing compared to white population. Nurturing young players will allow access to a new untapped talent.

To campaign SPORTS for National Governing Bodies, clubs and committees to recognise and deliver on their responsibilities for equal inclusion for minority ethnic communities.

We Believe!


We believe sports is one of the great training ground for life. We believe sports and all benefits it brings should be for everyone. We want as many people as possible to be inspired to be active through sports.

Our passion for sports is at the core at our organisation, our primary motivates is achieving targets, enabling people to achieve good in sports and improving their well-being.

We hope to inspire and transform people's live through power of sports with community engagement. Our vision focuses on creating a wide range of sporting experiences so everyone can enjoy sports.